Veggie burgers could have added fats, Mayo Clinic says


(WYTV)- Have you tried one of those hamburgers made out of a plant? 

Are these meat alternatives healthier for you than the real thing? 

Putting plants in your diet is a good thing, but pay attention to the ingredients. Dieticians tells us it really depends on how that plant-based burger is made. The benefit of plant-based burgers usually comes in the form of fiber and other nutrients. 

Mayo Clinic dietician Katherine Zeratsky says that the burgers can also have added fats.

“Some plant-based burgers are going to have added fat, oftentimes, the added fat is a saturated fat,” Zeratsky said.

Those added fats include coconut oil or palm oil.

Like natural meat burgers, saturated fats can be an issue. They tend to raise bad cholesterol. And the high sodium content and calories can also cut back on the health benefits of a veggie burger.

Eating more plant-based foods such as vegetables or whole grains is a good approach. Along with added fiber, there’s another benefit to a plant-based diet. It’s an opportunity to allow someone who enjoys meat to enjoy something else for a change. 

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