Vaccine protects those who are immunocompromised, health officials say


(WYTV)- If you or a loved one are immunocompromised, you know that means you’re at a higher risk for the coronavirus really putting you in danger.

Plan ahead now for the rest of the holiday season.

These include cancer and transplant patients who are taking medicines to suppress their immune systems.
Doctors say the first thing you should do is to get vaccinated.

It’s also important to keep a circle of safety around you, make sure the family members and friends you come into contact with are also vaccinated.

“I usually advise my patients that if you love your relatives who are immunocompromised, then get the vaccine because this will make it less likely for you to get the virus. And if you’re around them, that means you are less likely to transmit the virus,” said Dr. Raymond Razonable of the Mayo Clinic.

Keeping track of COVID-19 cases in your community can help you decide, is this risk worth it?

It may not be the best time to go out in public.

If you do, mask up and try to stay away from large gatherings.

If immunocompromised patients are exposed, they should contact their doctor right away, even if they don’t have symptoms.

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