(WYTV) — We saw this trend on social media and thought we’d pass it along as a life hack, a way of making your life a bit easier or, in this case, less smelly.

Replace the box of baking soda in the back of your fridge with a roll of toilet paper. Moisture in your refrigerator can lead to mildew and a bad odor, and the toilet paper absorbs excess moisture, along with foul smells. This idea first appeared in 2015, but it’s popping up now on Facebook and TikTok.

But it’s just a temporary fix. Baking soda remains the number one solution for most households.
The Los Angeles Times once reported, “More refrigerators are likely to have baking soda than working light bulbs.”

Note this: after deodorizing a fridge with baking soda, don’t use the contents for baking — it’s contaminated.

Other things that work include activated charcoal and vanilla extract. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla and place it in the refrigerator — it’ll smell like a bakery.

Some refrigerators today also have an ultraviolet light filters to handle odors.

One more suggestion: crumpled newspaper and crushed charcoal. You’ll have to replace the newspaper every day for about a week.