(WYTV) – You’ve found the home you want to buy. It’s perfect, close to work, good schools for the kids, great price, and it’s haunted.

Still in the mood to buy?

The real estate website Zillow has just completed a new survey and found that while buying a home can be scary for some, nearly 70 percent of prospective buyers would buy a haunted house if everything else was great.

In fact, some buyers, around 30 percent, said the fact that it’s haunted would make them want it even more. Ghosts are definitely a plus.

Zillow does have a top 10 list of its creepiest and strangest homes. It’s constantly updating.

Real estate agents who specialize in historic homes sometimes refer to the haunted ones as properties with a stigma, a mark of disgrace. There might have been a murder or suicide in the home, and a spirit or two lingers.

There’s no law that covers this, but if you’ve ever told anyone your house was haunted or talked about it publicly, you should share that information with a potential buyer — you and your agent — it’s the ethical thing to do.

About a third of Americans believe that haunted houses are real.