How long do pumpkins last? When should you buy one if you want to make it all the way to Halloween?

Before you carve one, a pumpkin can last about a month at room temperature.

If you’re displaying a pumpkin outside, keep it protected from direct sunlight. That’ll make it mushy, and in rain, that’ll make it moldy.

When you carve your pumpkin, the trick is to make your creation last through the holiday. So. how long does a cut pumpkin last?

Once you carve a pumpkin, you’ve got around three to seven days before it rots.

Pumpkins generally tend to rot so quickly after carving because they lose nearly 90% of their moisture, so keep it moist by spraying a water mist on it from time to time.

And try this, once you’ve carved your pumpkin, it’s time to give it a good rinse to kill bacteria on the skin. Fill a tub or large bucket with water and add about three teaspoons of bleach. Put the pumpkin into the bleach water for two to three minutes. Let it fully dry, and you’re go to go.

Vinegar works just as well with a 30 minute soak.

And spraying WD-40 to coat the outside of your carved pumpkin will keep things fresh for longer than bleach or vinegar.

But WD-40 is flammable, so you must not light your jack-o’-lantern with a real candle once you’ve sprayed it down; use an LED light instead.

In fact, try not to use a flame at all because it will only dry out the pumpkin further.