Throat feeling dry? Voice strained? Blame working from home


Working from home could be taking its toll on your body in a way you might not think

(WYTV) – Have you been working at home a lot during this pandemic? You probably find yourself on the phone and on Zoom, talking and talking.

You may not realize it, but constant virtual and phone meetings have the potential to strain your voice, even more than meeting in person at your normal workplace.

“What can happen, then, is over these sustained, repetitive meetings where perhaps you’re talking a bit louder than what you appreciate, like any muscle system, with use, it starts to fatigue,” said Dr. Paul Bryson, with the Cleveland Clinic.

Using your voice all the time may cause muscle and soft tissue problems in the larynx, or voice box. This can lead to dryness, irritation and soreness.

Speaking from home may force you to talk louder over your home acoustics. Virtual meetings can make it tough to pick up on social cues, so you might repeat yourself and raise your voice, straining your vocal cords.

If this is you, rest your voice as much as you can and stay well-hydrated — but not with caffeinated drinks. Caffeine can be a dehydrator.

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