These home remedies are backed by science


For tummy troubles, products containing ginger can provide relief

(WYTV) – Who hasn’t at one time tried a home remedy for some minor medical problem? Not all of these remedies are created equal, and some do have science behind them.

You may be pleasantly surprised when something your grandma told you does work. For example, one remedy backed by science is using duct tape to remove a wart.

“You want to put it on the wart and you want to leave it on for about six days. You want to give it substantial time to kind of have like an occlusive property over that wart, take it off, you want to scrub it. Then you want to reapply the tape again and leave it on for another six days and repeat the process,” said Dr. Elizabeth Kightlinger from the Cleveland Clinic.

It looks like grandma was right when she suggested chicken soup can be good for a cold.

If you have a cough, honey may help and improve your sleep, too, but not for anyone younger than one year of age.

For tummy troubles, products containing ginger can provide relief. It can actually be quite effective for nausea.

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