There are only three states with 5 syllables, among other interesting facts


(WYTV) – What famous pop star once took a job at a Dunkin Donuts in New York City when she was trying to build a career as a dancer?

It was Madonna, who was fired on the first day for squirting jelly at a customer.

In 16th Century England, the upper class enjoyed “surprise pies.” What was so surprising about these pies?

Live animals would jump out when the crust was cut.

Which American president asked a Secret Service agent to send out a message to local radio stations to be on the lookout for his missing cat?

It was Calvin Coolidge and a listener did find the cat.

Who is Popeye the Sailor’s arch-nemesis in the comics and on the TV cartoons?

It was Bluto, who was later called Brutus.

In Britain, what does the word “claggy” mean?

It means sticky, damp weather.

What is the natural habitat of the screaming hairy armadillo?

It resides in dry regions with sandy soil, such as Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Which three states have five syllable names?

Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina.

How long does it take a single red blood cell to make a full circuit of the human body?

It takes one minute.

What were the first golf balls made from?

They were made from wood in the 14th century.

What is cybersquatting?

It’s when you register domains in the name of a brand or a company that does not yet have a website, then you sell it to them for a very high price.

What famous musician was born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski?

Pat Benatar.

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