(WYTV) — Due to jobs, children, TV, the Internet, hobbies and home and family responsibilities, the average married couple spends just four minutes a day alone together.

Over 75% of people who marry partners from an affair eventually divorce.

A marriage ceremony typically ends with a kiss because in ancient Rome, a kiss was a legal bond that sealed contracts, and marriage was seen as a contract.

Marrying younger than age 25 dramatically raises the divorce risk and the divorce risk is higher when the woman is much older than the man, but not the other way around.

The word “husband” is from the Old Norse husbondi or “master of the house” and some scholars trace the word “bride” to a word meaning “to cook, brew, make broth.”

In this country, the average age for women to marry is 25 and for men, 27. The higher your education, the later you tend to marry.

The chance of a first marriage ending in a divorce within five years is 20%, but if you lived together the chance of a break up within five years jumps to 50-50.

The cost of an average wedding is $20,000. The cost of an average divorce is $20,000.

Researchers found a huge drop off in happiness four years into a marriage with another big drop in years seven to eight.

Half of all divorces occur in the first seven years of marriage.