(WYTV)- From the magazine Food and Wine:

Spam: unwanted e-mail and a pork and ham product in a can.

We’re talking about the food and while some make fun of it. It is wildly popular in at least one state: Hawaii.
If a natural disaster is on the way, people in Hawaii stock up on toilet paper and cans of Spam.

Hawaiians celebrate Spam and eat seven million cans a year. There is no Spam prejudice anywhere in the islands. Even Hormel calls the appetite for SPAM in Hawaii “unmatched by any place in the world.”

Hormel brought out Spam in 1937. It refers to “spiced ham” and soldiers found it had a long shelf life and was easy to prepare. They could also use Spam’s grease to lubricate their guns and waterproof their boots…and a lot of soldiers and marines passed through Hawaii.

In Hawaii, Spam found its way from military bases to people’s homes. Spam and rice was a popular dish. Spam became a fixture for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today you’ll find Spam dishes served everywhere in Hawaii from convenience stores to restaurants. Hawaiians also liked Spam because it was an inexpensive meat import. Hawaii discovered it had a versatile food and a reliable source of protein.