(WYTV)-Step into an Aldi grocery store and you might notice: it’s quiet.

The chain first came to the United States in 1976, and there are now some 1,600 stores across 35 states.
But one thing you won’t find in these stores is music. That is part of Aldi’s strategy for keeping prices low.

From the shopping website Particular Pantry, not playing music in their stores is just another cost they aren’t passing onto their customers. How does not playing music save money? A grocery store playing background music has to pay a licensing fees for those tunes.

No music, no fee. Other stores are willing to pay that price and maybe pass it on to you because playing relaxing music in stores makes customers relax and browse more, spend more.

But the Aldi customer is different, he’s not there to relax, they’re there to save as much money on essentials as possible. Not playing music makes Aldi’s more efficient: it gets customers in and out.

That’s why there’s a cart self-return policy, why the layouts are consistent and the shelf displays are nothing fancy.

Music that encourages relaxed wandering and browsing is not part of that master plan.