The most unwanted holiday gifts

   The holidays are a time of joy and happiness and for more than half of us...some six out of ten, disappointment....we got a gift we really didn't want.
    We'll spend around $51 billion buying stuff for our friends and family they just won't we thought they would.
  According to a survey from Yahoo! Life, here are some things that will soon disappear in closets and under beds after  you give them.
     Gift boxes of body care products are usually missing from most people's wish lists. 
     33 percent said they would likely re-gift this item.
     Other commonly re-gifted products include scented candles, makeup sets or anything to do with personal hygiene, any coffee cup that starts World's Greatest Anything, boxes of chocolates and anything having to do with dieting.
     Ties, scarves, a pen...and the number one not wanted gift...unless it's from a empty picture frame.
Remember what we say here on Daybreak, it's not the thought that counts....IT'S THE GIFT! 

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