(WYTV)- We’ve all seen the NBA logo, a player dribbling and swiveling between a red and blue background. That’s Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West.

He knows it, the fans know it, the man who designed the logo in 1969, Alan Siegel, knows it.
Okay, does the National Basketball Association pay West any royalties for using his image on all the merchandise it sells?

No, because the NBA won’t admit that it’s West on the logo. The NBA response if you ask is, sorry, there’s no record of that player being Jerry West. Just last year, a writer for NBA.com, Shaun Powell wrote an article saying the league has yet to officially acknowledge the identify of that player.

Back in 1969, the NBA wanted something similar to Major League Baseball’s logo when the league went to Siegel. Siegel said he was impressed when he saw a picture of West dribbling, it was nice and vertical and had a motion to it, it was perfect. West became his design.

The speculation is, the NBA logo has become so famous the league doesn’t want to link it to any one player, it wants instead, to promote an image, period. And Jerry West has been gracious about it.

In fact, West has said he would be happy if the late Kobe Bryant would replace him as the new silhouette.
But there’s little chance of that happening: making Bryant the new logo could open up the whole discussion about paying royalties and the NBA doesn’t care to do that.