Swollen lymph nodes after COVID vaccine? Doctors say not to worry


A swollen lymph node is actually a good sign

(WYTV) – If you’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, you may have noticed some swollen lymph nodes under your arm. Is that OK? Should you worry?

The short answer is no — a swollen lymph node is actually a good sign. It simply means your body is responding to the immunization as it should, and it’s not unusual.

“We know that lymph node swelling can be a common reaction, or side effect, to any vaccine, especially the flu vaccine or the shingles vaccine that we’ve had lots of experience with over the years, and that seems to be especially true following the COVID vaccine,” said Dr. Laura Dean, with the Cleveland Clinic.

Some have reported swollen lymph nodes under the arm two to four days after vaccination and almost always on the same side they were vaccinated. It can last up to four weeks.

Sometimes, lymph node swelling is linked to cancer so if you find lumps, talk to your doctor.

If you happen to have a routine mammogram scheduled around the time of your COVID vaccine, see it through but let your medical team know you’ve recently been vaccinated.

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