Surprising brand names that became generic terms


Test yourself. Brand name -- yes or no?

(WYTV) – Some words started out as a brand name. For example, aspirin and cellophane gradually turned into generic words.

So, it’s time to find out. Brand name — yes or no?

No. Otis tried to make it a brand name in 1900. The patent office said no.

Yes. Newel Office Brands sells it.

Bubble wrap
Yes. The Sealed Air Corporation owns the name.

No. The Germans invented it in 1892. It became generic in this country in 1963.

No. It’s combustible hydrocarbon liquid, invented in 1854.

Yes. Pfizer owns the patent.

No. Invented in 1936. Anyone can sell a trampoline.

App store
No. Apple abandoned the trademark in 2013 in a lawsuit.

Ping pong
Yes. Parker Brothers owns the name. The generic name is table tennis.

Yes. Gerber owns the name. The generic name is infant bodysuit.

TV dinner
No. Swanson gave it up in 1962.

No. B.F. Goodrich trademarked it in 1925 and lost it in 1930.

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