Shooting stars, also known as falling stars, send streaks of light across the night sky before burning out.
Superstition has it that simply spotting one of these stars as it falls can bring good luck…or maybe bad.

Some cultures have claimed that shooting stars represent souls that have been released from purgatory, allowing them to finally begin the ascent to heaven and peace.
In the British Isles, a shooting star represents the soul of a new baby falling to Earth, ready to begin a new life.
While many cultures suggest that seeing these stars brings good luck, some believe you can use shooting stars for other things.
Worried about money?
Sit outside on a starry night and wait for a falling star.
If you say the word “money” three times before the star burns out, you’ll come into money.
Too many pimples on your face?
Hold a cloth over your blemishes as a shooting star streaks through the sky to get rid of pimples….sorry, just covering with your hand won’t do.
If you spot a fallen star on your right, it means good luck, while one on your left says misfortune will follow.
And shooting stars also bring luck on the road.
Spot one on a trip, and your voyage is guaranteed to be a success.