Sunscreen is still a must, even if you’re wearing a mask, dermatologists say

Len Rome's Local Health: Are you wearing sunscreen?

(WYTV) – Dermatologists can be stubborn. They’ll tell you sunscreen is a must, whether you’re wearing a mask outside or not.

Here’s their advice — apply sunscreen to your entire face first, then put on your mask. That way, your whole face is protected.

Anything you put on your skin and cover with a mask can lead to mask-related acne, or “maskne.” So what to do?

“Look for a sunscreen that is oil-free. Look for one that’s noncomedogenic, that means it won’t clog your pores. Gel sunscreens are very nice if you’re acne-prone and there are also formulations made for acne-prone skin,” said Dr. Melissa Piliang, with the Cleveland Clinic.

If you’re worried about maskne, go for sun products designed to prevent acne.

You might want to protect the delicate skin around your eyes by wearing sunglasses, and protect your lips with sunscreen-infused lip balm.

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