Summer plans for vaccinated older adults: What to do, what not to do


(WYTV) – Many older people are starting to make summer plans now that they’re vaccinated.

They’re asking doctors about which activities might be safe to enjoy.

Dr. Ronan Factora, a Cleveland Clinic specialist in geriatric medicine, says older people still need to be careful.

“I think that the vaccination process has really opened up more of the world we want to come back to, but there are still a couple of caveats. So not everyone has gotten vaccinated yet, so it’s not 100% safe. The other thing is that even though the vaccines are really good, it’s still not 100%.”

Take this as a general guideline — enjoy anything that doesn’t include large crowds where there may be a lot of strangers.

When it comes to masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said to put them aside if you’re vaccinated, except when traveling.

Isolation and depression have been big problems during the pandemic, so it’s great that older people can finally socialize again. That’s another reason to get family members vaccinated.

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