Summer colds? Doctors explain why we’re seeing an increase


(WYTV) – Have you noticed you may not have had a bad cold in the past year — or any cold at all that you can remember? Now summer colds are popping up.

Doctors are noticing a recent rise in respiratory viruses, especially in young children. We typically see viruses, such as the common cold, in the fall and winter. Think about it — what’s changed?

“We’re not socially distancing as much as we were before,” said Dr. Neha Vyas, with the Cleveland Clinic. “We don’t wear our masks as often as we do and we are meeting people more, we’re in crowded spaces.”

As COVID goes away, the common cold is back.

Respiratory syncytial virus, RSV, can be severe for babies and older people.

COVID-19 symptoms are often similar to those of a cold. If you’ve been vaccinated, you likely just caught a cold.

It’s always important to practice good hand washing and sanitizing, whether we’re in the middle of a pandemic or not.

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