(WYTV)- This country is going back to the moon with that Artemis rocket and this time, we plan to stay.

From 1969 to 1972, 12 American astronauts walked on the moon, and left stuff behind. We have been sending things to the moon and leaving them there for quite a while, some 800 items still rest on the lunar surface.

Every Apollo crew left behind seismometers, geological tools, most of their cameras and their lunar module descent stages. Apollos 15, 16 and 17 all left lunar rovers. With all of this stuff up there, can we see any of it from Earth?

The quick answer, no. It would be fun to gaze up at the moon and see one of the lunar rovers, it’s just not possible. There is no telescope on Earth powerful enough to spot any of the objects left behind.

The new Webb telescope cannot, it’s pointed in the wrong direction. How about the Hubble? The Hubble telescope was designed to collect the faint light of galaxies and nebulas, not objects on the moon.

From Earth, we would need a telescope at least 75 feet across to spot a 30 foot object on the moon.
And there’s nothing man made that large on the moon. The largest optical telescope is the Keck Telescope in Hawaii and it is 32 feet across.

Getting back to what’s left for a moment…well, they can be pretty nasty items: vomit bags, poop bags, nail clippers, wet wipes, urine collection systems and all sorts of food systems.