Study reveals new information about fertility and the COVID-19 vaccine


(WYTV) – If you’re a young man and you want to have a family someday, the best advice from doctors is to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Don’t worry about the vaccination interfering with having a baby.

A new study is out with good news for men who want to be dads — the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines at least have no affect on a man’s fertility.

“The way that these vaccines were developed and how they work using MRNA do not affect the sperm production and do not affect the DNA of the sperm,” said Dr. Neel Parekh, with the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors say when it comes to fertility, you should be more concerned about the virus than the vaccine.

The immune response the infection triggers can affect your fertility for at least six months. We don’t know about the long-term consequences.

Men looking to start a family should take special care to avoid a COVID infection.

Your doctor should be able to answer any questions you have about fertility, the virus and the vaccine.

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