(WYTV)- Did you have to leave college before you earned your degree?

And did you regret it?

It might have been for any reason, did you know one of the greatest American movie directors and producers, Steven Spielberg, was a college dropout?

Spielberg began college in his teens but Universal Studios offered him his dream job, so he dropped out. He promised his parents he would return to college if the job didn’t work out.
It did, in a huge way.

He did eventually go back to his college, California State University at Long Beach, he was in his 50s and he wanted his Bachelor of Arts degree. He returned to school because as he had lectured his own seven children on the importance of a college education.

And what is not well known is that Cal State offered Steven Spielberg three credits in paleontology for making the block buster film Jurassic Park, and he accepted them.

Spielberg finished his degree in film production, we don’t know what his GPA was but it was most likely impressive. Imagine sitting next to Stephen Spielberg himself in film making class.