Staying safe during summer travels, especially with unvaccinated kids


(WYTV) – Ready to travel this month? There’s still plenty of summer left and, it seems, plenty of the coronavirus left to go around, too.

If you’re taking kids along and they’re under 12 years old, which means they’re not vaccinated, how can you keep them safe?

How about camping or doing something else outdoors? You could also rent a house instead of staying at a hotel.

“You can eat in more. You can — some houses even have a pool that’s private, that is accessible only to the family that is renting. So I think those are good options,” said Dr. Gina Robinson, with the Cleveland Clinic. “Then maybe just doing day trips where you spend the day somewhere. You leave in the morning and go and do some activities, and then you’re back home by the evening.”

A plane might get you to your vacation faster but your family would have to be masked the entire time.

Amusement parks are also risky since you would be around a lot of strangers, some of whom may not be vaccinated.

Before you leave, do your homework — if there’s a high COVID infection rate at your destination, you may want to go elsewhere.

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