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(WYTV) – Nearly 23% of Americans, more than one in five, are 60 or older. So where do all these people retire? Arizona? Florida? Is there a best state to spend your golden years?

A company that specializes in retirement planning, Blacktower Financial Management, has come up with a list based on the cost of living, life expectancy, crime rates, the age of the current population and property prices.

According to Blacktower, the best U.S. state for retirement is Right down the road from us. It’s West Virginia, home to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, lots of lakes and rivers, and the lowest average property prices across all 50 states.

West Virginia is perfect for retirees looking for natural beauty and affordable housing.

The life expectancy and the percentage of the population over 60 match the U.S. averages of 79.6 years and 22% respectively.

If you are active and outdoorsy, or if you’d like to be, the recreational options are tremendous, from skiing to fishing and hiking.

The top five are:

  • West Virginia
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire

Where’s the state next door to us? Pennsylvania is the 6th best state for retirees. The worst U.S. state for retirement is Wyoming. Yes, it has natural beauty and its low in crime and property prices, but the long, cold winters are brutal and it’s remote.

The next worst is Alaska and after that, Hawaii – too expensive.

Where is Ohio on the list of states to retire to? We’re in the middle, 23, not too great, not too bad.

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