Something you won’t find in the restroom at Disney


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(WYTV) – The Walt Disney theme parks want you to believe they are the most magical places on Earth.
One of their more clever tricks is right out in the open. Step into the park restrooms, and you’ll never see a mirror above the sink.

It may seem inconvenient, but it’s one way Disney keeps the traffic moving. This comes to us from the website Apartment Therapy.

The designers of the Disney properties intentionally left out the mirrors. They designed the restrooms for maximum efficiency so you won’t be standing admiring yourself in a mirror, time that can add up.

Parkgoers may not notice they’re being subtly manipulated, but they are. This way, there is no wait at a Disney restroom. Besides, they have a lot of them anyway. But if you insist on fixing your hair, there is one mirror in the room behind the door, but you’re not likely to stand there long because you’ll be blocking the exit.

In his 1994 book Mouse Tales, former Disney employee David Koenig tells the story of a tourist group who asked to hold a quick memorial for a seven-year-old boy. Disney gave the family permission but then spotted the family sprinkling powder off their ride in the Haunted Mansion. Disney shut down the ride and cleaned up the boy’s ashes.

Many people try all the time to secretly leave cremains as they’re called all over the park. Every year, several families ask for permission. The answer is always no.

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