Something you rarely ever see in a grocery store


Why are there no windows in grocery and department stores?

(WYTV) – This comes to us from Business Insider and it has to do with the psychology of shopping.

Visit your favorite grocery store or supermarket and you might see a window across the front entrance — and that’s the last window you’ll see. Step inside and the natural light disappears. There are no windows along the walls, no skylights — just artificial light.

Retailers are trying to create a certain environment for shopping and the lack of windows is a big part of it.

The supermarket owners want you to slow down, and spend as much time and money in the store as possible. With no windows, there’s a sense of no time or time suspended — just as there are no windows in a casino.

You don’t know it’s getting dark or bad weather might be rolling in, so you just shop and shop and spend and spend.

For the same reason, many supermarkets have tile floors so the wheels on your grocery cart make noise, and you slow down and browse more.

Getting back to windows, large ones letting sunlight in might cause packages to fade and windows mean less shelf space for stuff.

The discount supermarket chain Aldi has been experimenting in some of its German stores, putting windows in for more natural light. But Aldi found it had to put ultraviolet coating on the glass to prevent labels from fading in the sunlight and to keep produce fresh.

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