Snack wisely, and you might find foods that relieve your stress


There are foods out there that may calm you during these stressful times

(WYTV) – Feeling the stress of the pandemic? Many are and many head straight to the kitchen to cope.

If you’re stressed and looking for relief in the pantry, be sure to snack wisely.

Go for foods that can calm you. For example, try mandarin oranges.

“Not only do they have a great dose of vitamin C, which we need when we’re feeling stressed to keep our immune system up, they’re also a little bit sweet, they’re very portable and they are low in calorie,” said Dr. Susan Albers, a psychologist. “Also, as you unpeel them, make sure you take a nice, deep whiff of that orange. Studies have shown that citrus aroma is actually calming and soothing.”

Pumpkin seeds are packed with magnesium — another stress-relieving snack.

If you struggle with emotional eating, just two Brazil nuts each day may help. They’re full of selenium to regulate your thyroid.

Tart cherries or cherry juice may help ease your mind.

Adding cinnamon to your food can help regulate blood sugar and its scent may make you feel less stressed, too.

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