(WYTV) Each state has its favorite slang terms, and a website called Play NJ has put together a list.
Let’s check the states around Ohio, we’ll go clockwise, starting with.
YOUSE is the Philadelphia equivalent of saying “y’all.”
YINZ IS FROM Pittsburgh… hey, ‘yinz’ guys!
West Virginia:
PECK- is a considerable amount… you’re in a peck of trouble.
HOLLER… is a unit of distance… it’s just a hoot and holler away.
“Ville” refers to Louisville.
HOT BROWN– a Hot Brown is an open-face sandwich covered in Mornay sauce… that’s a cheesy white sauce.
NAPTOWN-The word refers to the busy city of Indianapolis.
BOILERMAKER- someone who attended Purdue University.
MICHIGAN LEFT-a Michigan Left refers to the gap in some roads in Michigan that allows drivers to make a U-turn, give me a Michigan Left up ahead.
FUDGIE– A fudgie is a tourist who spends most of his time checking out all the fudge shops of the northern Lower Peninsula and Mackinac Island.
BUCKEYE– a Buckeye is a native Ohioan, and can also refer to the peanut butter and chocolate candy.
THE THREE C’s- a group term for Ohio’s largest cities: Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus.
Haiwaiians will call someone shark bait… those are the pasty white tourists who’ve just stepped off the plane.
When Alaskans say they’re going outside… it means they’re leaving the state.
If you hear someone say shucky darn in Kansas, that’s the equivalent of wow.
And this is popular in Nebraska Cornhusker football games: der viener schlinger, a cannon that shoots hot dogs.