Simple exercises, stretches at work can do wonders for your health, the Mayo Clinic says


(WYTV)-The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more challenging for some people to get in their daily workout.

We’re sitting a lot. That’s come to be called the sitting disease, the next tobacco. 

Whether you’re working in an office or from home, physical therapists suggest taking breaks every 30-45 minutes throughout your day. Do some simple stretches. 

Dani Johnson, Wellness Physical Therapist of the Mayo Clinic, has more.

“Our bodies can get stiff. you know, we’re always kind of in this hunched over position when we’re at our desks and working, so we really want to open up our chest,” Johnson said.

Try doing some simple shoulder rolls, just bringing the shoulders back and down. Or pick out a wall, put the back of your hands up on the wall and just slide your hands up and down. 

Your desk can be a great exercise tool for stretching. Who knows? Someone may catch a glimpse of you and start cheering you on. 

Whether you try one of these stretches, or simply, take a break to go for a walk, all movement counts.

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