Serious COVID cases decrease dramatically in elderly, thanks to vaccine


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(WYTV) – When the coronavirus pandemic first invaded America from China, many of those in the hospital with it were older people. That’s changed.

The Cleveland Clinic has been looking at the numbers. COVID-19 hospital stays for all age groups are trending downward as more and more of us get vaccinated, but people over 75 have seen the sharpest reduction.

“We vaccinated a lot of the elderly population, and so we’re seeing a decrease in the amount of severe disease and hospitalizations in that group,” said Dr. Michelle Medina, an infectious disease specialist. “The more that we get people vaccinated, the more people are actually protected, the closer we can get to the end of the pandemic.”

Between January and May, the Cleveland Clinic saw an 88% drop in COVID-19 admissions in people 75 and older. For those 55 to 75, the drop was 70%.

Of those who needed a hospital stay, 99% had not gotten the vaccine.

Doctors stress vaccination is the best way to stop the virus spread and stay out of the hospital yourself.

Those who should know keep reminding us — all three vaccines are safe and highly effective in all age groups.

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