(WYTV)- Last week, we showed you Scouts from Troop 25 in Canfield learning about the dangers of the internet.

We saw boys and girls, a reminder of how scouting has changed in the past four years.

In 2017, the Boy Scouts welcomed young girls into the organization as Cub Scouts. The boys and girls were all called Cub Scouts, that’s ages 5 to 10.

Then in February, 2019, the Boy Scouts welcomed girls into its older Scouting program for ages 11 to 17.

Are the Cub Scouts or just Scouts co-ed?

No. The girls are in their own part of the troop, but they learn from the same program, they do the same things, they earn the same merit badges and can become Eagle Scouts.

In this area, we have what’s called the Great Trail Council covering Mahoning, Trumbull, Medina, Northern Wayne, Portage and Summit counties.

What about that other organization called the Girl Scouts, the young women who sell cookies?

That’s a completely separate group, but if a girl doesn’t like being a Girl Scout, she can switch over to scouting. About ten percent of the membership of the Great Trail Council is girls.

And can a boy join the Girl Scouts?

No. To recap, you have the Cub Scouts: boys and girls. Scouting, boys and girls, and the Girl Scouts.