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Rubber hand illusion proves our brains favor what we see over what we feel


Try this at home to trick your brain into thinking a fake hand is your real one

(WYTV) – You’ve probably heard of a person feeling an itch on a leg that was amputated years ago. Or maybe when stroke victims are troubled by seeing a hand they can’t control. Turns out, you can simulate this feeling at home.

Make a rubber hand with a rubber glove and some cotton. Hide your right hand in a box and see the fake hand where your hand would normally be.

Now look at your new hand. Have someone lightly stroke your real hand and the fake hand.

Your brain will start to believe the fake hand is your own. Even if it tickles, you’ll be less likely to pull away.

In some instances, the body temperature of the real hand will drop, as if the brain thinks it’s no longer part of the body.

Once this has been going on for several minutes, have the other person slam your fake hand with their fist. Interesting how we can so easily trick our minds visually.

When visual information — seeing the rubber hand being stroked — conflicts with tactile information — feeling, but not seeing, the real hand being stroked — the brain trusts what it sees over what it feels.

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