Researchers find connection between dental health and psoriasis


(WYTV) – Your dentist has no doubt told you to keep your gums healthy. Now we’re learning the bacteria in your mouth could contribute to a common skin condition — psoriasis.

More than 8 million Americans suffer from psoriasis. The cause remains largely a mystery but a key to improving your skin may begin with your mouth.

Doctors at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center asked patients about their oral hygiene and found a link between poor gum health and more severe psoriasis.

“We know that patients who have poor gum health, periodontitis, have a higher prevalence of pathogenic bacteria in the first place,” said Dr. Benjamin Kaffenberger, a dermatologist.

Want to deal with your psoriasis? Brush and floss, maintain a healthy weight, avoid alcohol and smoking, and get plenty of fruit in your diet.

Ohio State is collecting data on this, trying to reach psoriasis patients around the country to ask them about their dental health, diets and lifestyles.

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