Research shows camel milk as newest supplement for dairy milk


People are constantly looking for new supplements to replace dairy milk in their diet.

“Milk protein is one of the top eight allergy-producing substances,” Dr. Denise Bobovnyik said.

A lot of people are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant so they’re searching for substitutes to go with their morning cereal.

Bobovnyik said in her research, the newest supplement is camel milk.

“It’s a $10 billion industry worldwide.”

She said the Amish in the U.S. are raising camels and selling them for $25,000.

The equipment used to milk a camel is the same as dairy cows.

Camel milk is about $18 a pint so it’s more expensive than other options.

Bobovnyik said she has not found it locally but you can purchase camel milk on Amazon.

There are about 150 calories in cow and goat milk, while camel milk has about 110 calories.

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