(WYTV)- Do you take off your shoes when you walk into the house?

That’s a very common practice in Asian and Middle Eastern homes, and it’s becoming more popular here. In 2018, one poll found that 87% of Americans walk around their homes with no shoes, and 21 percent always or frequently ask guests to do the same.

It’s not a bad idea, your shoes pick up all kinds of yucky stuff outside. Most of the things you track in on your shoes are harmless.

Still, take them off if you’ve got little kids crawling around on the floors, or you live with someone with a compromised immune system.

Keep your socks on, or walk around in slippers rather than going barefoot. Each of your feet has about 125,000 sweat glands leaving behind who knows what.

That poll, from YouGov found that most people who remove their shoes in the house are right here in the Midwest- 92%.

That compares to 88 percent in the Northeast, 86% in the West and 83% in the in the South.