(WYTV)- On April 21, Queen Elizabeth II turned 96 years old. That’s her actual birthday and she spent it privately.
In June, the queen has another birthday, it’s her official birthday with a big parade through London.
It’s a military celebration called Trooping the Colour on June 2.

Like many British monarchs before her, the Queen has two birthdays: the actual anniversary of the day she was born, and a separate day in June because April 21 is usually too cold for a proper parade.

The tradition started in 1748, with King George II, who was born on a chilly November day. He decided to celebrate again on Trooping the Colour day in the summer. But the “official” birthday sort of wanders around the calendar.

Australia started recognizing an official birthday in 1788 but some Australian states observe the queen’s birthday on the second Monday in June, with western Australia holding its celebrations on the last Monday of September or the first Monday of October. In New Zealand, it’s the first Monday in June. In Canada, Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday falls on the actual birth date of Queen Victoria, May 24th.

That’s Victoria Day on May 24 or the Monday before..and this year, it’s the Monday before. May 23rd.