Pushing yourself past your limit in the gym may have painful consequences


(WYTV) – Been to the gym lately?

In recent years, we’ve been seeing more high intensity interval training as the new way for people to get fit and lose weight.

But be careful. Pushing yourself past your limit while doing endurance training or excessive weightlifting may bring you a sense of accomplishment.

However, doing so can lead to a serious condition called rhabdomyolysis.

“Typically, in the strength training adaptation phase, you do create a little bit of injury to the muscle.
Rhabdo happens when you create more injury to the muscle than your body can adapt to,” said Dr. Chad Asplund who specializes in sports medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

When you hurt a muscle badly enough, its fibers may break down and leak a protein into the bloodstream. And that can, in turn, hurt your kidney.

To prevent this rhabdo, take a gradual approach to training and listen to your body.

If you feel like, ‘I can’t do another burpee,’ then it’s probably time to stop. You can ask for someone in the gym to coach you on anything with high intensity.

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