Psychologists thought the pandemic would draw couples apart — but did it?


For couples who have normal, everyday issues and conflicts, it's actually brought them closer together

(WYTV) – When the coronavirus pandemic began, psychologists worried a quarantine would hurt our relationships. They wondered if we’d see more break-ups and divorces — but did that happen?

Actually, according to a new study, it didn’t.

Research shows some couples feel like it brought them closer together.

The secret for couples who are both at home is to make sure you’re taking some time for yourself, too, and show your appreciation.

“In a review of over 43 different studies and 11,000 couples interviewed, the number one factor in keeping couples together and close is expressing appreciation of your significant other,” said Dr. Susan Albers, with the Cleveland Clinic. “So today, make sure you tell them one thing you really appreciate about them. It can be small or something that is really significant to who they are.”

For couples who have normal, everyday issues and conflicts, this has brought them closer together.

A survey of 3,000 people found that couples spending more time together at home were also doing a better job of dividing housework.

Of course, some couples already in tense situations may have broken up but that’s what counselors are for.

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