Psychiatrist explains how to know if you’re drinking too much


It's a myth that alcohol is a stress reliever

(WYTV) – Alcohol sales have gone up since the pandemic hit us. Stress, boredom, loneliness — it’s enough to drive some of us to drink.

Drinking a lot certainly has its own health risks including liver disease, heart problems and accidents.

An addiction psychiatrist explains how to know if we’re drinking too much.

“What we usually ask our patients is at any time in the year, have you ever had four drinks or more in a day, for women, or five drinks or more for men. That, for us, is considered high-risk drinking,” said Dr. Akhil Anand, with the Cleveland Clinic.

It’s a myth that alcohol is a stress reliever. Over time, chronic alcohol use can worsen anxiety and mental health issues, not make them better.

If you’re getting to a point where you can’t cut back on drinking and you’re spending a lot of time either recovering from alcohol or thinking about it, these are huge red flags.

If you’re concerned about your drinking or someone else’s, talk to your doctor and you’ll find plenty of online resources to help anyone manage stress and alcohol use.

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