(WYTV) – Many do it from time to time: binge-watch TV.

How much TV do you have to watch before you’re binging on it?

This comes to us from the National Institutes of Health: binge-watching as we know it today goes back to about 2013, thanks to all the streaming platforms that began appearing, the biggest being Netflix which offered something new: a whole TV series that appeared at once. You didn’t have to wait a week for a new episode. Instead, you could watch them in one sitting.

The idea took off, and it’s more popular than ever.

We did enjoy some binge-watching before. Occasionally, a cable network would offer TV marathons of some series. You could buy a collection of your favorite series on VHS, then DVD, and then Video on Demand.

But psychologists have studied it very little.

Is it good or bad for you?

You have to answer that question.

More than half of us admit to doing it, and when you’re doing it, you’re not sleeping, your social relationships are on hold, you eat more, you’re not exercising, you’re addicted, in a word.

But binge-watching is highly entertaining and a real guilty pleasure.

To answer that first question, watch two episodes of anything and you’re binging.