Preventing pool drownings and what to do if an accident happens


(WYTV) – Many have been enjoying the pool with their kids on these hot, summer days, but keep your eyes on them. Ten people drown in this country every day.

Drowning is the leading cause of death, aside from birth defects, for kids between the ages of 1 and 4.

It doesn’t matter how many swim classes they’ve taken or if they’re using a floatation device — accidents happen.

That’s where you would come in with CPR.

“You can truly save a life if you do good CPR at the site. There is multiple literature that has shown us that, especially when talking about drownings specifically, CPR given at the site can truly modify the overall outcome and prevent long-term disability and death, as well,” said pediatrician Dr. Purva Grover.

If you are spending the day at the pool, make sure your kids are taking frequent breaks from the water.

They should also avoid swimming on an empty stomach.

If you own a pool, put a fence around it so your kids can’t get into it unsupervised.

If a child suddenly disappears, check the pool first.

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