Preventing kidney stones by eating the right food


(WYTV) – One in ten people will get a kidney stone in his or her lifetime…I was that one, so nine of you out there can relax. Minerals can become concentrated in your kidney and form stones.
They can be painful, let me tell you. They can put you in the hospital and lead to surgery.

But you can help prevent them by eating the right foods. A prevention plan begins by thinking about
the types of food you’re eating. Fruits and vegetables with a high-water content can do a lot toward keeping stones from forming in your kidneys. Then think about what not to eat.

“We know that animal sources of protein are simply associated with a higher risk of stones.
So one way to avoid more stone production is maybe to limit your meat intake to some smaller amount,” said Dr. Ivan Porter II from the Mayo Clinic.

Avoid too much spinach and rhubarb; they have what are called high oxalate levels that tend to build stones. But many leafy greens that are good at preventing stone formation.

If you’ve had a stone, your doctor will give you a list of foods to eat moderately. You can actually eat anything you want, just as long as you drink lots of water to flush away stones before they really begin to build in your kidney.

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