Presidential fun facts: One former president is Hugh Hefner’s 9th cousin


The 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, gave the White House its name

(WYTV) – Here are some fun facts about the presidents.

Sixth president John Quincy Adams once approved a journey to the center of the earth. Back in the 1800s, some people believed planet earth was actually hollow and Adams said, “Let’s explore it.” But four years later, President Andrew Jackson said, “Let’s not.”

Twenty-seventh president William Howard Taft weighed 340 pounds and ordered a special seven-foot bathtub built for him on board a battleship — USS North Carolina — so on one trip, he could splash around in it and actually fit inside.

In 1934, future president Lyndon B. Johnson proposed to Lady Bird with a $2.50 ring from Sears. He chased her for months before she said yes.

President George W. Bush is a ninth cousin to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

The 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, gave the White House its name. Until October 1901, the building was called the Executive Mansion and the President’s Palace.

The first White House bowling alley was a birthday present for Harry Truman, our 33rd president. It was installed in 1947 and on the first roll, Truman knocked down seven pins.

President George H.W. Bush almost picked actor Clint Eastwood as his vice presidential running mate. Eastwood had been the mayor of Carmel, California. Bush ultimately went with Dan Quayle.

The wife of 11th president James Polk was a strict Presbyterian and banned dancing in the White House. No dancing during the Inaugural Ball. She also said no horse racing and no theater.

Twenty-first President Chester Arthur held a White House yard sale to finance a redecorating project. He sold two dozen wagonloads of presidential merchandise, including a pair of Abraham Lincoln’s pants and John Quincy Adams’ hat.

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