Pregnant women at higher risk for severe illnesses, doctors say

Pregnant women at higher risk for severe illnesses, doctors say

Courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic

(WYTV) – Doctors say pregnant women are at a higher risk for severe illness from respiratory viruses such as the flu and COVID-19.     

That’s because a woman’s immune system weakens during pregnancy, making vaccines especially important.

Pregnant women with COVID-19 or flu may give birth early or even lose the pregnancy, not to mention getting seriously ill in a hospital.

“If she cannot fight normal infections that she could fight when she was not pregnant then she needs some preventive measures and vaccines are the key,” said Dr. Tosin Goje.

In fact, doctors say they’re the best way to protect a mom-to-be from complications from flu or COVID-19 and both vaccines are recommended during pregnancy.

The Centers for Disease Control has found no safety issues with the vaccines for pregnant women or their babies.

Not only does a flu shot protect an expecting mom but it also protects her newborn.    

As we’ve pointed out before, flu vaccine antibodies are passed through breast milk and covid-19 vaccine antibodies too.

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