Popular after-Christmas ‘holiday’ Boxing Day has nothing to do with the sport


(WYTV) – On December 26, Santa Claus can catch his breath and leave the gift-giving to others.

Boxing Day is that day after Christmas, celebrated in the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It has nothing to do with strapping on boxing gloves for a fight.

The term is of British origin with two theories as to how it began.

On December 26, the lords and ladies of the manor gave gifts wrapped in boxes to their household servants and employees, who had to work on Christmas day. They were holiday bonuses, really.

The other theory: the so-called poor box in church — donations from parishioners for the poor — would be emptied on December 26 and distributed to the poor.

These days, December 26 is a very popular holiday in many counties with ties to England. It’s a day for watching sports on the television and shopping. It’s almost like Black Friday and visiting friends.

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