(WYTV) – Puzzle maker, writer and publisher Stanley Newman coined an expression in “New Scientist” in 2001 for people who like to add extra words at the end of a common acronym, making the phrase redundant.

He called it RAS Syndrome, which stands for Repetitive Acronym Syndrome Syndrome.

Here are some other examples of redundant acronyms:

  • PIN number (Personal Identification Number number)
  • LCD display (Liquid Crystal Display display)
  • PDF format (Portable Document Format format)
  • SAT test (Scholastic Aptitude Test test)
  • VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number number)
  • UPC code (Universal Product Code code)
  • ATM machine (Automatic Teller Machine machine)
  • AC current/DC current (Alternating Current current/Direct Current current)