People don’t seem to be as interested in testing for COVID anymore — why?


Infectious disease experts say the reason for it is simple

(WYTV) – Remember the big rush this time last year? Everybody waiting in long car lines to get tested for the coronavirus? Why don’t we see that anymore?

As more and more of us are getting vaccinated, researchers have noticed a sharp decline in COVID-19 testing.

Infectious disease experts say the reason for it is simple.

“Testing is usually performed because people have symptoms, and so the decline in number of people with COVID-19 is the reason for the decreased number of testing performed,” said Dr. Gary Procop, with the Cleveland Clinic.

We also test if someone might have been exposed to the virus or if we need to know if we have it for another reason, such as returning to school or work.

Doctors remind us that just because testing is slowing down doesn’t mean we should let our guards down. Otherwise, we could risk another wave of the virus.

As of right now, testing can detect the current variants but it is something the disease experts are always watching in case a new mutation pops up.

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