Old and young people have a distinct smell


(WYTV)- This comes to us from a new book entitled Revelations in the Air: A Guidebook to Smell by Jude Stewart.

Ms. Stewart writes that our body’s smell can reveal our age. Yes, there is an old people’s smell because our body chemistry has changed: our diet, our emotions, how healthy our immune system may be, if we’re getting sick and sometimes with which disease.

Our body’s scent has three layers: the top is the lotions and soaps on our skin. The middle layer comes from our culture, for example, our diet and environment. The third and deepest level is what’s called our baseline smell, it’s unique, like a fingerprint and can reveal a lot about our health.

Mothers learn their baby’s smell very, very quickly. Take away a newborn from mom after just ten minutes, then let mom smell t-shirts other newborns have worn and she’ll pick out her own child’s T shirt 10 times out of 10.

We can find disease by smell, this is getting down to that baseline area: a trained physician or a trained dog can sniff our malaria, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, melanoma, and breast and lung cancer.

We can also train dogs to smell COVID-19. This is really not new: before modern times healers knew that anyone with typhus smelled like freshly baked brown bread, tuberculosis made us smell like stale beer and the plague like overripe apples.

Hug someone and you’re inhaling a lot of information about him or her.

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