(WYTV) – Golf balls are small, just a little larger than your ping pong ball.
The round cup you try to put it in is four and quarter inches in diameter.
Golf is hard; getting that little ball into that cup in one swing is pure magic.
What are the odds?
Professionals pop one in from time to time, of course.
But the average golfer?

The National Hole-In-One Registry records 128,000 holes-in-one each year.
It sounds like a lot, but golfers play 450 million rounds of golf every year, and a round is 18 holes.
So a hole in one comes up every 3,500 rounds. Play twice a week and it would take you 33 years to play 3,500 rounds.
So what are your odds?
The National Hole-In-One Insurance company protects golf courses that give out prizes for holes-in-ones during competitions has the figure: 12,000 to one.
The odds of hitting two holes-in-one in the same round: 67 million to one.

14% of golfers who hit a hole-in-one hit a second, and 9% hit a third. The most claimed by one golfer, an amateur from California, Norman Manley, was 59 holes-in-one in his lifetime.
60% of hole-in-one golfers are 50 and older;14% are women. The longest hole-in-one was 404 yards, and the average is 147 yards.