Nugget of Knowlege: McNugget shapes


The McDonald's Chicken McNugget doesn't really look like any part of a real chicken, but the four shapes it comes in are not random

(WYTV) – How about a box full of Chicken McNuggets for lunch? Have you noticed they come in only four shapes, as Business Insider reminds us?

The McNugget doesn’t really look like any part of a real chicken, but the four shapes are not random. They are four deliberate designs and each has a name — the bell, the ball, the boot and the bow tie.

Making them the same shape means they cook evenly and they offer some variety the kids may like.

In a sense, they look more natural and all four fit nicely into the sauce cups.

McDonald’s, on its website, says three different shapes are not enough and five are too many, so you chow down on four.

The nuggets are white boneless chicken, water, vegetable oil, flour, salt and a few preservatives.

McDonald’s restaurants in Norway have launched a vegan nugget alternative to the classic Chicken McNugget. The new vegan McNuggets are made to look like the traditional menu item we all love to dip into our honey mustard.

They come coated with breadcrumbs, and are fried golden brown and crispy. Replacing the chicken meat, the vegan nugget is filled with mashed potatoes, chickpeas, onions, corn and carrots.

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